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Book 1000+ pips/month on XAUUSD
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Get experienced help on XAUUSD and other forex pairs, with an assurance of min 1000 pips/month to grow your account by 100% annually

Setup Detected

50 Pips Stop Loss

150 Pips Target

Bullish Trend

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Help 1: LIVE Access (Discord)

Elevate. Educate. Earn.

As there is a lot of confusion related to exact entry and exit points of a trade, learn to take sniper entries, by watching @cashvolumes trade LIVE with you

Zoom Sessions
LIVE sessions everyday so that you actually learn the craft
Signals Support

if you didn’t attend the session, you have access to signals

Trade Plan

Get a personalised trading plan to make a min of 10%/month

Help 2: Private Access (Telegram)

Copy. Paste. Earn.

Get trade setups of Cashvolumes on a Private Telegram Group (VIP) and trade without keeping an eye on the markets.

Personal Signals
The signals will be personal trades of cashvolumes
Clean Signals

The trade setup will be clean with single entry, target and stop-loss

2-3 Setups/Day

You only get confirmed setup and no more than 3 setups a day

1200+ Pips

You only get confirmed setup and no more than 3 setups a day

High Accuracy

The trades will have an accuracy of 80%-90% so you take all trades

Great Returns

If you manage risk well, you can generate over 10% returns/month


Trades Accuracy






Avg. Returns/Month

Help 3: Private Coaching

Monk Fx

We have curated a very in-depth course for you to learn and practice the huge world of forex trading. Irrespective of knowledge or prior experience, this course fits perfectly for anyone who’s willing to dive deep into the industry.

Help 4: Account Management

True Passive Income

For professional account management & handling of accounts above $10,000. You will remain stressless and earn a truly passive income. The system is designed to that we make money when you make money.

Protect your capital

The best way to stay in the trading game is to never blow your account. With @cashvolumes’s strict watch and risk-adjusted trading plan, you don’t have to worry about it


Strict Money Management

For people who don’t want to second guess their positions, avoid overtrading and have long term approach.


Drawdown Recovery Plan

If you tried & brought your account down, but it’s under 35% & you wish to get back to breakeven, this will help you recover the 60% required.


Compounding Plan

So you had a good couple of months & now you want to increase your trading account size to take up trading full-time; this is the plan.


Consistency Approach

So now you have enough capital & don’t want to put in more money, rather live off of returns this account provides; this plan will do it.

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The most genuine response we got was on Cashvolumes’s twitter handle. We let our work speak and provide a stack of undeniable proof that we are in the business of creating “Volumes of Cash”


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